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HLK now has Arizona Capacitors

Arizona Capacitors, Inc. is the first name in quality wound film capacitors for both commercial and military applications. Wound film capacitors, however, are not the only thing they manufacture. They also manufacture custom filters including: low pass filters, feed-through capacitor filters, power line filters, and audio frequency filters. Wound film capacitors include: audio capacitors, pulsed power capacitors, decoupling capacitors, motor start capacitors, snubber capacitors, sensing capacitors, and tuned circuits capacitors.

IS0 9001:2008 Registered
MIL-STD-790 Military Approved
RoHS Compliant and Non-RoHS Compliant

HLK now has TEPRO Resistive Components

For over 50 years Tepro has been designing and manufacturing wirewound resistors and metal film resistors. Tepro's manufacturing has the ability to make tight tolerance resistors while achieving very high reliability on both their wirewound resistors and metal film resistors. They offer a complete line of wirewound resistors and metal film resistors including precision wirewound resistors & power resistors in both standard resistor and custom models. Through the Vamistor division they also offer a line of RL42 resistors, these are carbon film type resistors. These are the only authorized replacements for the military carbon composition resistors.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company

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HLK now stocks brass fittings and valves.

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HLK carries the full line of products from Waldom.

Waldom Electronics is a master distributor for over 25 premier manufacturers. They have over 240,000 part numbers in stock. Waldom has been a trusted supplier to distributors for over 50 years.